Opening Ceremony of Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar's
                             New Premises at 226 Mystic Ave  Medford, MA

, 11th Jan, 2004.  IT WAS A CEREMONY  fit for a King. Filled with excitement to the brim,
beaming with pride unimaginable, and emotions overflowing,  hundreds of Sikhs gathered at the
                                      opening ceremony of the new premises of
                                      Gurdwara Sahib Medford and to give a
                                      splendid welcome to the Swari of the Guru
                                      Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj as the Holy Book
                                      entered the shrine to showers of thousands
                                      of rose petals.

The Sangat, which had waited impatiently almost one year for the $ 1.5 Million Gurdwara to be
ready,  began pouring in as early as 8am. One hour before the opening, the entire car park was full
and many had to park in the neighbouring lots. It seemed as if the Khalsa Fauj had taken over the city.

The sewadars and children especially looked splendid with their Khalsa Banas and saffron Kamarkasas.
One could feel the excitement of a new Gurdwara, the joy of a new Guru Ghar and the satisfaction of
finally having a permanent Ashram on virtually everyone’s face.               

The ceremony, which was held in the langgar hall on the ground floor,  began with an Ardas by Bhai
Karminder Singh Ji at 10 am.   

The stage secretary, Sardar Raghbir Singh then called upon the Chairman of the Board of Directors of
the Gurdwara, Sardar Bachittar Singh Sodhi to present the opening ceremony paraphenelia and
ribbon cutting material to the Gurdwara President, Sardar Jaspal Singh Pabla.      
Sardar Japsal Singh Pabla cut the ribbon, thus declaring open the
Gurdwara on behalf of the Sangat to a roar of Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal.
The Guru Nanak Darbar Kirteni Jatha, comprised entirely of children and
youth then led the sangat to sing Charan Chalo Marag Gobind, Mera Ghar
Baneya and other shabads. The shabad singing sangat then lined on both
sides of a red carpet to welcome three Saroops of Guru Granth Sahib Ji


At 10.30 am, the excitement of the sangat exploded into Jaikaras. All present then joined the chorus of
Jithey Jahe Bahe Mera Satgur as three swaris of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj arrived, carried by Bhai
Karminder Singh, Sardar Raghbir Singh and Sardar Sukhdev Singh. Hardeep Singh, Gurpreet Kaur
and Satvir Kaur followed, doing Chor sewa.

Nishan Sahib Bearers:1.  Inderpreet Singh,  2. Vikram Singh, and  3. Kirenjot Kaur. Senior pyares: 1.
Sardar Attinder Singh Khalsa , 2 Bibi Baljeet Kaur,  3. Sardar Gurinder Singh,  4. Bibi Manraj Kaur
Khalsa,  5. Sardar Resham Singh.            

The swarees were led, in a grand procession, first by five junior pyares,
who beamed in their banas,  kamarkasas,  and small sri-sahibs.Junior Pyares
(Left to Right in pic at left):  1. Natasha Kaur, 2. Brejvinder Singh Dhillon,
3. Amrit kaur Dhillon, 4. Simran Kaur and  5. Inderjot Singh.The Swaress
followed, one by one, with the sangat joyously singing Jithe Jahe Bahe and
showering the Holy Books with rose petals.

Soon, the entire path of the Swaris was covered with rose petals. Next,
                                  the entire procession and  swaris filled into the
                                  5,500 square feet main darbar hall. There, the
                                  Kirteni Jatha of Gurdwara Guru Nanak  Darbar
                                  was singing Deh Shiva Bar Mohe  Ehey. The
                                  Sangat filled into the darbar hall, and the Swari
                                   of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji was placed in full style and splendor in the 54
square feet marble and granite palki, the pride of Gurudwara.

An arambhak ardas followed with resounding Jaikaras – 16 in all – one each by the junior pyares,
nishan sahib bearers and senior pyares, and two by the ardasia – Bhai Karminder Singh. After the
hukumnama was read out, the sangat took a full half hour to bow their heads one by one and take
their seats in the sangat. 15 children and youths then sand various shabads for an hour. Bhai
Karminder Singh’s Jatha then did Arti Kirten for an hour.

Bhai Karminder Singh and Jatha doing Kirten. Ramanjit Singh plays the Tabla (Picture Above)   
The Diwaan ended at 1.30 pm with an Ardas As a token of appreciation for
the sewa of Bhai Karminder Singh in the building of this new Gurdwara
premises, Gurdwara President, Jaspal Singh Pabla presented a sirapao to
Bhai Ji, who in turn dedicated the sirapao to the entire sangat.

Langgar was served at 2 pm. Hours later, a joyous sangat started
returning to homes with the satisfaction and pride of a splendid GuruGhar, but not before taking
photographs of various portions of the new gurdwara to put into their family albums.

Akand path was held in conjuction with the opening on the 16th, 17th and 18th of January.

More pictures available under
opening ceremony in gallery section.