The Third Annual Gurmat Parchar Samelan for the Youth and Children of Boston
Gurdwara was held from
Friday 26 – Sun 28 August 2006. Click here for Reports and
Photos of Samelan 2004 and Samelan 2005.

A total of 60 children and youth attended the three day Sammelan which was themed
Satgur Aiyo Saran Tumhari. Some 20 Sewadars joined the camp as Facilitators, Cordinators
and Sewa Performers.

The camp saw the participants take part in  a variety of Spiritual, Gurmat Training,
Knowledge Development and Team Building programs.

The daily program consisted of early morning Parkash, recitation of Nitnem Banis, Assa Di
Vaar, Nishan Sahib de Selami, Gurmat Lectures and Discussion Sessions. Sammelan
participants and the Sangat benefited from two powerful Insipirational Kirten Sessions and
three Katha sessions delivered by our guest parcharak Dr Karminder Singh. Participants
further enjoyed themselves through a variety of interactive programs such as quizzes and
games. The entire crowd of attendees were treated to a three hour fun and game session in
the evening of the 28th.  

Click here for photographs of the momentous Sammelan 2006..